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How to Choose Aluminum Tread Plate?

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Types and applications of commonly used aluminum tread plate

Due to its wide range of uses, aluminum tread plate is used in a very large number. Like our common 5 bar aluminum tread plate, 3 bar aluminum tread plate, aluminum diamond plate, etc., it is often used in workshop floor, building decoration, etc. And in the field of home appliances, trucks and ships. This has also led to the emergence of a large number of aluminum tread plate manufacturers in the country. The quality is also uneven due to technical differences. As a consumer,How do you choose when purchasing the aluminum tread plate?

aluminum diamond plate

How to choose aluminum tread plate when purchasing it ?

1.To comply with national standards.

The material selected for high-quality aluminum tread plate,its thickness, strength, oxide film thickness, etc. should be in line with national standards, which can refer to aluminum and alloy aluminum tread plate national standard (GB/T 3618-2006).It is suitable for aluminum and alloy aluminum tread plate as a unified standard . If it does not meet the standard, it is the inferior aluminum tread plate.

aluminum diamond plate

2.Look at the surface of the aluminum plate.

Good aluminum tread plate is different because of different materials. We can see through the surface that the high-quality aluminum tread plate is bright, the pattern is clear and tidy, the aluminum plate is flat, and the surface is free of oil, scratches and injuries. The inferior aluminum tread plate is made of scrap aluminum. The finished product shows a dull surface, unclear and irregular patterns, uneven surface and poor performance. In conclusion, we can make a clear judgment from the appearance.

Aluminum Tread Plate

3.Look at the price of aluminum plate.

Aluminum tread plate can be divided into pure aluminum tread plate and alloy aluminum tread plate according to different materials. The price between two types of aluminum tread plate is different. The price of alloy aluminum tread plate is higher than that of pure aluminum tread plate. The same high-quality aluminum tread plate is different in terms of manufacturing and processing, its price also is different. The normal quality aluminum tread plate price is about 20%-30% higher than the inferior aluminum tread plate. When consumers purchase products, if the price of the selected manufacturer is significantly lower than the normal price, we must pay attention to it, avoiding penny wise and pound foolish.

Aluminum Tread Plate

4.Look at pre-sales and after-sales services.

The good aluminum tread plate has to undergo packaging, loading, transportation, storage and unpacking from the beginning of production to the factory. The aluminum tread plate will inevitably have defects such as oxidation and scratching. If the enterprise service is good, the possibility of such situation will be greatly reduced. Even if such problems occur, the quality aluminum tread plate manufacturer or supplier will provide corresponding return service to avoid consumer losses.

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