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Automotive aluminum plate promote automotive lightweight:

The development and application of automobile industry is closely related to the three major issues of energy, environmental protection and safety. Although the automobile, as a symbol of social development and modernization, brings social progress and prosperity, it also brings a series of problems such as energy, environmental protection, transportation and land. Undoubtedly, all these problems need to be solved through joint research and exploration of automobile industry itself and related industries. To this end, the automobile industry for many years has been from the design of the structure of automobile products, the selection of manufacturing materials and manufacturing technology, efforts to develop modern cars, and pay special attention to energy conservation and improve environmental quality, the car aluminum plate as to promote the car lightweight as the primary issue.

Automotive aluminum plate

Automotive aluminum plate market distribution:

The capacity planning of aluminum plate suppliers at home and abroad and the future automobile market forecast ABS production enterprises of foreign automobile aluminum plates have a total of 19 plants with a total production capacity of 2.46 million tons. Main distribution:
At present, the total production capacity of domestic aluminum sheets is about 915,000 tons. Among them, the foreign companies Nobelis, Kobe Steel and Aleris have more than one-third of the total domestic production capacity. Due to their deep production experience and industry background, it is easier to compare with domestic manufacturers. Acquired industry certification for the automotive industry.
Most domestic auto aluminum plate manufacturers do not have relevant industry background and technical foundation, and are still in the foreign stage of imitation, which is at a disadvantage in terms of theoretical mechanism and technology. However, most domestic aluminum manufacturers have a good cooperation foundation with domestic independent brand auto manufacturers, and they also have certain advantages in price. At the same time, they are highly operable and can be tailored according to the actual needs of auto manufacturers.

Automotive aluminum plate

Mingtai Automotive Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer:

In order to accelerate the development and application of high-performance aluminum alloy products for vehicles, Mingtai Aluminum has passed the strict audit of SGS (Swiss General Public Notary, the world’s leading inspection, appraisal, testing and certification organization) and obtained ISO/ISO issued by SGS certification body. TS16949: 2009 Quality Management System Certification. Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., together with the State Key Laboratory of Rolling Technology and Continuous Rolling Automation, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Guodong, jointly set up an academician workstation for high-performance aluminum alloy sheet and foil production and application technology, and carries out aluminum alloy sheet and strip technology and automobile. The cover is made of aluminum alloy strip production and process technology development, and the rapid cooling technology, cold speed control technology and process path cooling technology in the composite cooling mode are developed. In the automotive aluminum plate market, new achievements have been continuously made, which has helped the company to explore the automotive aluminum plate market and actively promoted the domestic automotive aluminum sheet application market.

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