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Aluminum Tread Plate 4×8 for Customfood Truck

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Food Truck Aluminum Tread Plate 4’x8’

Food Truck Aluminum Tread Plate 4’x8’ covers 1060, 1100, 3003, 3150, 5754, 6061 grade alloys,etc. Including 4 x 8 aluminum diamond plate, 5 bar aluminum tread plate and other embossed aluminum plates. Look, the food you want is coming! Egg Burger, Big Ben Burger, Pepperoni, Pizza Vegetarian Desserts, Pizza Margarita Spicy Chicken, Pork Tacos, Ice Cream, Applepie, Espresso… Well, I have seen the Food truck on the street, and there is a long line of people at the gate, and the hot meals are handed from the window to the hands of food Junkie. That’s right, this is the food truck that street people love today. But, hold on, I’m not talking about food trucks here. I want to tell you that food truck aluminum tread plate 4×8, we are a aluminum tread plate manufacture. So, Food truck manufacturers who have found this food business opportunities, Come And have a look!

Aluminum Tread Plate 4x8

Shining Aluminum Tread Plate 4×8 Food Truck Floor

Moving the kitchen into the compartment, the first problem with the food truck was that the space inside the car was limited. However, in response to the very frequent orders every day, we had to walk back and forth in the compartment. So the floor of the car would be very dirty. This makes customers worry about food hygiene.
However, the aluminum tread plate 4×8 is undoubtedly the great benefit of the food trucks. You see, we always place the aluminum diamond plate on the floor of the car. The silver is shining, and the reflectivity of the aluminum itself is as high as 99%. It looks like a mirror at a distance, making the whole food compartment bright.
What’s more, the aluminum tread plate 4×8 also has a variety of patterns on the surface. For example, 1 bar, 2bars, 3bars, small 5 bars, big 5 bars, diamond, compass, orange peel and so on. They shows artistic beauty and make people feel better. At the same time, the linear arrangement of the aluminum tread plate 4’x8′ pattern increases the friction of the sole. Similarly, during the cooking process, water or juice dripp on the 4×8 aluminum tread plate. There isn’t easy to spread and is easy to decontaminate. Aluminum itself has characteristics that are not easily absorb dust.

Aluminum Tread Plate 4x8

Aluminum Tread Plate 4×8 for Food Truck Cupboard

Is aluminum tread plate 4×8 only for food truck floor? Of course not, the density of aluminum is only 2.7, the texture is very light, and the weight is much smaller than the non-ferrous metals such as wood and steel. It is the most ideal material for the current lightweight car. So 4×8 sheet aluminum tread plate is a good fit for food trucks. Aluminum tread plate 4×8 can be made into a simple cupboard around the car. The single aluminum tread plate 4×8 has high strength and good load-bearing performance. It can be made into an all-aluminum food truck cupboard with two layers above and below. In the case of safety, the aluminum tread plate 4’x8′ not only improves the utilization of the food truck’s interior space, but also greatly reduces the cost. Of course, considering the overall beauty of the food truck, it is better to remove the pattern on the aluminum plate and use the ordinary aluminum plate for decorative furniture to make the all-aluminum food truck cupboard. However, we still support the user’s choice.

Aluminum Tread Plate 4x8

How to Clean Aluminum Tread Plate 4×8 For Food Truck Cupboard

While all-aluminum food truck cupboards perform very well and are extremely durable and have a service life of up to 50 years, all items require daily cleaning and maintenance to achieve optimum conditions. Aluminum tread plate 4×8 for food truck cupboard is also. In daily cleaning, we should pay attention to the fact that we need to clean the surface of the aluminum tread plate with hot water at temperature exceeding 40 °C. In addition, We can wash it with neutral detergent repeatedly without warm water. Of course, we can’t use strong acid and alkali detergent. So, Daily cleaning Keep these two points in mind. And make the life of the all-aluminum food truck cupboard is longer. In fact, the application of food truck aluminum tread plate 4’x8′ is more than the above two points, there are many, want to get more business opportunities? Then click on the online consultation dialog on the right side of the page, we will respond to you quickly, to provide you with a better aluminum solution for food truck, to save you money, while buying cost-effective aluminum tread plate 4×8.


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