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Aluminum radiator features – radiator aluminum

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The Aluminum radiator features has the following features compared with other radiators:

1.Corrosion resistance and long service life. The appearance of the aluminum alloy material can produce a thick and solid oxide film, which can be used in the heating water with pH ≤9 or in the automobile water tank for a long time, and the aluminum radiator which is treated by special appearance can be used at various pH ≤12. Long-term use of raw materials.
2.It can be used for various external treatments, with many varieties and colors, and no solder joints. It is decorative and beautiful, and can satisfy everyone’s individual needs.

radiator aluminum

3.Safe use and high pressure. Because the specific strength and specific stiffness of aluminum alloy are much higher than copper, cast iron and steel. Even in the case of thinner thickness, it can accept enough pressure, bending force, tensile force and impact force, and it will not show the damage appearance during transfer, installation and operation.
4.Light weight, easy to install and transfer. Compared with other heat dissipation, the component is only one tenth of the cast iron radiator, one sixth of the steel radiator, and one third of the copper radiator, which can greatly save transportation cost, reduce labor intensity and save Device time.
5.The device is simple and easy to repair. Because the aluminum alloy has a small density and can be processed into various shapes and standard parts, the aluminum radiator has a large and regular cross section, and the product assembly and exterior treatment can be placed in one step, and the construction site can be directly installed, thereby saving a lot of equipment costs. Repairs are also convenient and the cost is low.

radiator aluminum

6.Energy saving, low operating cost. When the distance between the inlet and outlet of the radiator is combined with the heat conduction temperature, the aluminum radiator has a heat dissipation of 2.5 times higher than that of the cast iron radiator, and because of the beautiful appearance, the heating cover can be omitted, and the heat loss can be reduced by more than 30%, and the cost is reduced by 10 Above 100%, although the heat dissipation effect of the aluminum heat sink is slightly lower than that of the copper heat sink, the weight can be greatly reduced. Because the price of aluminum is only 1/3 of the price of copper, it can greatly reduce the cost.
As can be seen from the above, the aluminum radiator is a new type of radiator that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Beautiful appearance, large heat dissipation area, good heating effect, corrosion resistance, light weight, easy installation, transfer and repair, good social and economic benefits, can completely replace traditional cast iron, steel and copper radiators. The market prospects are very broad.

radiator aluminum

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