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Aluminum plate supplier introduces aluminum plate stretching

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Aluminum plate in the process of using a variety of processing methods, including tensile,The stretched aluminum plate is produced and made into aluminum products and aluminum accessories after stretching, 6061 aluminum plate in the use of the process often need to stretch, but tensile aluminum plate can’t be too hard, too hard will explode, so the elongation and tensile strength of aluminum plate according to the drawing – such as height and stretching mode will have different requirements, the following is Mingtai aluminum plate supplier introduces aluminum plate stretching precautions:

6061 aluminum plate

1.Aluminum alloy sheet stretching must be cooled to 50 degrees below the aluminum alloy sheet (the bare hand can be gripped) before being stretched onto the stretching frame for stretching. If the temperature is too high, the stretching will burn the human body and be hot. Bad tops, but also because of the inability to completely eliminate the internal stress of the aluminum alloy sheet, bending, twisting, poor performance and other absolute waste before and after aging.
2.Because the top has heat-resisting effect, the aluminum profile with high decorative surface must be turned upside down to facilitate uniform heat dissipation, reducing lateral bright spot defects caused by uneven crystallinity of heat dissipation, especially wide width. Face, thicker aluminum profiles should pay more attention.

6061 aluminum plate

3. Pay attention to the strength of the wide and thick, the long wall, the large arc, the wall thickness is very different, the shape of the strange shape of the small feet, thin teeth, long legs, arc surface, inclined surface, opening, angle and other forces In case, the deformation of the profile or the spot size is prevented, and defects such as twisting and spiraling occur.
4.The amount of stretching is controlled at about 1%. For example, the tensile strength of 25M aluminum alloy sheet should be stretched by about 25CM after straightening the profile, but it should never exceed 2%. In production, it should be adjusted according to the actual conditions of aluminum extrusion profile discharge and various specific requirements (opening size, surface quality, external dimensions, inner diameter size, wall thickness, elongation, etc.), and seek for energy in conflicting technical requirements. At the same time, the amount of stretching that meets various specific requirements is met. If the amount of stretching is too high, the head-to-tail size deviation will occur, the surface will be striated (fish scales), the elongation will be low, and the hardness will be high and brittle (low plasticity). Too low tensile strength will make the compressive strength and hardness of the profile low, and even the aging (quenching) can not improve the hardness, and the profile is easy to bend curved (commonly known as the big knife bend).

6061 aluminum plate

5. In order to control the amount of tensile deformation and better control the dimensional change of the entire profile, it is necessary to use a suitable special cushion and a suitable method. In particular, open material, arc material, cantilever material, and curved shape profiles should pay more attention to the reasonable and effective use of the stretching cushion. If necessary, a person in the middle of the tensile profile shall be controlled by a righting or plug to ensure that the dimensions of the stretch between the ends of the head meet the requirements of the aluminum alloy sheet.

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