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Aluminum 7075 Price Per Kg

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Aluminum 7075 Price Per Kg

Aluminum 7075 price per-kg is higher than that of many other alloys, because its production requires advanced technology and therefore obtains higher mechanical properties. In fact, 7075 aluminum sheet is a cold-treated forged alloy. It is famous for high strength and hardness, and far superior to mild steel. So, it wprks well in conditions with high hardness requirements, such as golf ball heads, shoe molds, high hardness molds, high-end mobile phone cases, thick plates, heavy forgings, etc., becoming one of the strongest commercial alloys.

aluminum 7075 price per kg

Influencing factors of Aluminum 7075 Price Per-Kg

In general, aluminum plate price is composed of market aluminum ingot price and processing fee of alu plate. Among them, the price of aluminum ingot is on the website. And it is fluctuating in different periods. In addition, different alloy aluminum plate processing costs vary. Such as different tempering, specifications, quantity, all will affect the aluminum 7075 price per-kg is different.

For example, the conventional tempering of 7075 aluminum plate has O, T6, T651, T7451, H112, of which T6 and T651 are the most popular. So, 7075-T6 and 7075-T651 aluminum price are more common than 7075 alloy in other temper. Secondly, the tax-inclusive price of GB 10mm 7075-T6 aluminum plate is about USD 5.2/ kg. But for 7075-T651 aluminum plate price per kg is higher. In addition, the production cost of 7075 plate less than 10mm is higher, and the price will also be higher.

aluminum 7075 price per kg

Why Aluminum 7075 Price Per Kg is High?

First, production costs are high. 7075 aluminum is a kind of Cu-Zn-Al alloy. Ingots are difficult to cast and have high probability of failure. The production cost caused by repeated casting ingot is much higher than 5052 plate ingot.

Second, technical factors. 7075 aluminum plate hardness is high, ordinary hot mill can not be rolled. Therefore, only with the relevant technology and equipment manufacturers can produce.

Finally, market factors. Due to production costs and technical reasons, the supply of 7075 aluminum plate is very small, and the aluminum 7075 price per-kg naturally rises. More importantly, the market demand for 7075 aluminum continues to increase. However, despite the high price, its excellent performance has won the favor of buyers in many industries.

aluminum 7075 price per kg

Mingtai Best Aluminum 7075 Price Per Kg

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