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3003 Aluminum Sheet for Roofing

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3003 Aluminum Sheet for Roofing

3003 aluminum sheet for roofing has excellent formability, corrosion resistance and welding properties. Such as 3003-h24 and 3003-h26 aluminum sheet. Among them, the tensile strength of 3003-h24 aluminum sheet is generally about 160-170MPa. And its strength is about 20% higher than that of 1060 and 1100 aluminum plates. In addition, 3003 aluminum sheet is typical anti-rust Al-Mn alloy. So it has excellent corrosion and weather resistance, as well as highly economic!

3003 aluminum sheet for roofing

Advantages of 3003 Aluminum Sheet for Roofing

In fact, the density of 3003 aluminum sheet for roofing is only 1/3 of steel. Its service life is generally up to more than 10 years, but the iron roof will corrode within a few years. In addition, 3003 aluminum alloy plate has the advantages of good plasticity, strong corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, beautiful appearance, light weight, high strength, easy processing and forming, high recovery value and so on. Therefore, Aluminum roof sheet made of 3003 aluminum plate is perfect material for airport terminal buildings, aircraft maintenance warehouse, station and large transportation center, exhibition center, stadiums, exhibition halls, large public entertainment facilities, public service building, large shopping centers, commercial facilities, residential buildings, as well as the construction unit and individual housing and so on.
3003 aluminum sheet for roofing

Specification of 3003 Aluminum Sheet for Roofing

Alloy Series: 3000 Series Al-Mn Alloy
Alloy Grade: 3003
Available Temper: H24, H26, H16, etc.
Common Thickness: 0.6-1.3mm
Common Width: 55-1600mm
Surface Treatment: PE or PVDF cover is usually used. As for the anodic oxidation treatment is rarely carried out, due to anodic oxidation effect is not ideal.

3003 aluminum sheet for roofing

3003 Aluminum Sheet for Roofing from Mingtai Al.

Welcome to Mingtai Aluminum ! Here, Mingtai Al. is not only a large aluminum sheet supplier, but also a professional manufacturer. So we can supply 3003 aluminum sheet for roofing available in complete temper, types, thickness, width, and other customizable demands. What’s more, there are factory direct prices, and no middleman to make the difference. So here, if you are looking for 3003 aluminum sheet or other aluminum sheets for roofing, then contact us now ! Just send an e-mail, or leave an online messages and consult online! We will quickly offer the best factory direct price for you ! Come on !

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