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Aluminium Sheet Suppliers Cape Town

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Aluminium Sheet Suppliers Cape Town

Aluminium sheet cape town covers aluminum mill finished plain plates and tread sheets with various alloy series. And the star products of aluminium sheet suppliers cape town are 1050, 1100, 3105-H16, 5052, 5754, 6061 checker plates and sheet coils. Here, our Mingtai is large aluminum sheet supplier with more than 20 years online marketing experience. So, there are complete alloy products with various specs, superior quality, stable performance, and preferential prices !

aluminium sheet cape town

Mill Finish Aluminium Sheet Suppliers Cape Town

1050 h14 Aluminum Sheet Cape Town

Overview: 1050 h14 aluminium sheet cape town also is popular mill finish plate. As we know, 1050 is typical pure aluminum series alloy with 99.5% Al. Therefore, it retains the properties of pure aluminum to the greatest extent. Such as light texture, silver white luster, excellent ductility, highly reflective finish and so on.
Typical Applications: Aluminum tray, Signage, Radiator, PS aluminium CTP printing plates, lamp reflectors, Aluminum composite panel (ACP), flashings, etc.
Component mass fraction: Si: 0.25, Fe: 0.4, Cu: 0.05, Mn: 0.05, Mg: 0.05, Zn: 0.07, Ti: 0.05, Others: 0.15, Al: Remain

aluminium sheet cape town

5754 Aluminum Plate Cape Town

Overview: 5754 aluminium sheet cape town belongs to anti-rust Al-Mg alloy. Due to the addition of the main alloy Mg, 5754 has better properties. For example, It has higher strength, especially the fatigue strength, and excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, surface handling, machinability, etc. The common are 5754-O, 5754-H111, 5754 alu plate and checker sheets, etc.
Typical Applications: Therefore, 5754 aluminum sheet in cape town is widely used for tread plate, automobile, shipbuilding, wind internal, weldments, structures and so on.
Component mass fraction: Mg: 2.6~3.6, Mn: 0.5, Fe: 0.4, Si: 0.4, Cr: 0.3, Zn: 0.2, Cu: 0.1, Ti: 0.05, Others: 0.05, Al: Remain

aluminium sheet cape town

Suppliers of Aluminium Checker Plate Cape Town

In addition to mill finish aluminium sheet cape town above, there also are abundant aluminum checker sheets for sale. For example, the hot-selling are 5 bar 1060 aluminum tread plate, 3003, 3105, 5052-H112, 5754, 5086, 6061-T6 aluminum diamond plate and so on. What’s more, our Mingtai supplier also offers the best factory price of aluminium checker plate cape town ! So here, if you are interested in our aluminum alloy sheets and checker plates, then contact us to get best price now ! Come on !


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