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Aluminum Foil Price in Nigeria

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Aluminum Foil Price in Nigeria

Aluminum foil price in nigeria covers price of 3004, 3003, 1235, 1050, 8011 and other grade alloy foils. And these prices are from our Mingtai factory direct sales. Among them, 3004 container foil is more economic than 3003. Besides, the price of 1235 alu foil can be same as that of 8011. Here, as we are a large manufacturer, we also can offer 30% lower price than competitors! Actually, it thanks to our intelligent equipment, mature technology, large-scale production, etc.

aluminum foil price in nigeria

Price of 3004 Aluminium Foil Nigeria

Price Advantages: 3004 aluminum foil price in nigeria has great advantage over 3003 price.
Products Introduction: As we know, 3004 aluminium foil nigeria as food container material is more and more popular. In fact, 3004 is added Mg on the basis of 3003. Therefore, 3004 alu foil has higher mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and elongation. In addition, 3004 aluminum foil shows excellent stamping, machining, forming, corrosion resistance and so on. Therefore, it becomes perfect material of single cavity food container.
Mingtai Quality: Mingtai 3004 alloy foil has won the best Innovation award. In addition, our 3004 container foil also has obtained the FDA food certification.

aluminum foil price in nigeria

Price of 1235 Aluminium Foil Nigeria

Price Advantages: 1235 aluminum foil price in nigeria is relatively preferential. In fact, it due to its mature technology and simple process.
Products Introduction: In practical, 1235 alloy is common aluminium foil nigeria for household food, pharma packaging, tape, etc. As we know, it belongs 1 series pure aluminum alloy. Therefore, 1235 foil shows light texture, silver white luster, excellent ductility, plasticity, barrier, economy, etc. It’s highly practical and economic !
Mingtai Quality: Here, our Mingtai 1235 aluminium foil has clean surface, surface without oil, black spots, bright lines, scratches, and smooth version, no crimping, burr, through layer, lotus edge, etc. We can provide the original warranty !

aluminum foil price in nigeria

Mingtai Aluminium Foil Nigeria with Best Price

Welcome to our Mingtai aluminium foil manufacturer in nigeria market ! In addition to 3004 and 1235 alu foils, there also are complete aluminium foil nigeria with various alloy grades, temper, thickness, specs, etc. What’s more, we also have best factory direct aluminum foil price in nigeria. So here, if you prefer our aluminum foil products, then contact us Now ! Just send an e-mail, or leave an messages. We will quickly quote the competitive price for you ! Come on !

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