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Aluminium Foil Manufacturers in Thailand

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Aluminium Foil Manufacturers in Thailand

Aluminium foil manufacturers in thailand produce quality lid cover foil for cosmetics, milk powder, yogurt, pharma injection seals, etc. Such as the common 8011 aluminium foil thailand, 1050 h19, 3003, 5052 grade alu foils, etc. As we know, aluminium alloy foils show soft texture like paper, but it’s more resilient. In addition, They also have multiple advantages, such as excellent ductility, processability, formability, airtightness, corrosion resistance, safety, hygiene and so on. Therefore, our aluminum foil thailand is widely used for various aspects.

aluminium foil manufacturers in thailand

Aluminium Foil Thailand

8011-O Aluminium Foil Thailand

Overview: Most aluminium foil manufacturers in thailand supply 8011–O, 8011-h18, 8011-h22 alu foils. As we know, the hardness and features of 8011 foil are also different, under different conditions. Among them, 8011-O is softer. In addition, it also has excellent elongation, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, surface handling, complexity, etc
Usages: Therefore, 8011-O aluminium foil thailand is widely used for household film packaging(HHF), various composite materials, lidding covers, phama packaging, as well as electronic, industrial, commercial uses.
Common specs: thickness: 15mic, 18mic,30mic, 45mic, 50mic, etc. Width: 300mm, 450mm, 1050mm, etc.

aluminium foil manufacturers in thailand

1050-O Aluminium Foil Thailand

Overview: Now, aluminium foil manufacturers in thailand have very mature 1050 alloy foil production technology. As we know, 1050 alu foil is typical pure aluminum alloy with 99.% Al content. Therefore, 1050-O aluminum foil thailand shows silver white luster, amazing ductility, anodic oxidation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, electrical conductivity, economy, etc.
Usages: various aluminum foil gasket, cosmetic cover, cable shields, pipe insulation and so on.
Available specs: thickness: 14mic-200mic; width: 120mm-1650mm

aluminium foil manufacturers in thailand

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