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Jumbo Roll Packing 18 Micron Aluminium Foil

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Aluminium Foil 18 Micron

Our 18 micron aluminium foil covers alloy 8011, 8079-O, 1235 aluminum foil, etc. These aluminium foil 18 micron jumbo coils are popular in pharmaceutical use, household foil, industrial purpose and so on. The specs also are available in 100-1650mm width and customizable roll sizes. Here, Mingtai also produces 18 micron aluminum foil with complete alloy grades, A grade wettability, factory warranty, as well as preferential direct sales prices !

18 micron aluminium foil

Aluminium Foil 18 Micron with Multiple Applications

In practical, 18 micron aluminium foil is widely used for pharmaceutical packaging. For example, the common are 8011 medicine foils, 8021, 8079, 1060 aluminum foils, etc. Besides, the temper are O, H18. Therefore, these alloy foils work well in PTP packaging, various blister film, pharma bag, and medicine bottle caps/ seals/ closures, etc.

Besides, jumbo roll packing 18 micron aluminium foil is best material for households foil. There also are 14-30mic aluminum foil for choice. In addition, the typical alloys are 8011, 1235, 3003. As we know, aluminum foil is light in texture, good sealing, strong shading, heat preservation, safety and environmental protection. So, it’s very popular in household.

18 micron aluminium foil

Except in pharma and food packaging, 18 micron aluminium foil is also very common in the industrial field, electronic use, housing construction, car protection and various aspects. That’s because different alloy foils also have own excellent ductility, processability, formability, economy and a series of advantages.

Technical Parameters of Aluminium Foil 18 Micron

Alloy Series Typical Grades Material Temper Thickness Width length
8 Series 8011, 8021, 8079, 8006 O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, etc. 0.014-0.2mm 100-1650mm C
5 Series 5052
3 Series 3003, 3004
1 Series 1235, 1100, 1060

18 micron aluminium foil

Aluminium Foil 18 Micron Jumbo Rolls Manufacturer

Welcome to Mingtai aluminium foil manufacturer ! There are not only 18 micron aluminium foils, but also aluminum alloy foils with various thickness of 20 micron, 25 mic, 40um, 50um, etc. Nowadays, Mingtai 18 micron jumbo roll aluminium foils have been exported to North America, South America, East Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and other international markets. They are very favored by the market in fact ! So here, if you are looking for micron aluminum foil, then don’t hesitated to contact us Now ! Just send an e-mail, or leave an online message, we will quickly offer the best factory price for you ! Come on !


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