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Aluminium Foil Price in Lahore

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Aluminium Foil Price in Lahore

Best aluminium foil price in lahore comes directly from Mingtai factory. And there are prices of lahore food container foils, pharma packaging foils, jumbo household foil roll, etc. In addition, the typical alloy are 8011 aluminum foil, 8021, 3003, 5052, 1235 and other grades al foils. Here, Mingtai as a large aluminum foil manufacturer, can provides aluminium foil price in pakistan 30% lower than peers. Let’s find out !

aluminium foil price in lahore

8011 Aluminium Foil Price in Lahore

8011 aluminium foil price in lahore is more moderate than other series alloys’. And for the 8011 aluminum foil is very versatile in food and pharma packaging, HHF, meal container, etc. So it has high economy and practicality !

In fact, 8011 grade foil is heavily alloyed alloy. So it’s has higher mechanical properties, such as the UTS of 85Mpa-175Mpa. Besides, 8011 alloy also has excellent resistance, air tightness, toughness, tear resistance, formability, deep drawing property and so on. Therefore, It is favored by the Lahore market.

aluminium foil price in lahore

3003 Aluminium Foil Price in Lahore

For the 3003 aluminium foil price in lahore and 8011 prices are comparable. In practice, 3003 and 8011 aluminum foil are the perfect raw material for food container. Among them, 3003 aluminum foil can better meet the three or more cavity and other special-shaped structure.

Compared to 3003 aluminum foil price, Mingtai offers more favorable 3004 aluminum foil to purchasers. To meet the same application requirements. In fact, 3004 aluminum is an upgraded version of 3003 foil. And it’s also the superior and maturer product of Mingtai Aluminum. So we can make the most profit to our customers.

aluminium foil price in lahore

Mingtai Aluminium Foil Manufacturer in Lahore

Welcome to our Mingtai lahore aluminum foil manufacturer ! Mingtai Group is not only a large supplier in the international market, but also a manufacturer with 24 years experience. So here, there are sufficient aluminum foils with complete alloy grades, temper, customizable specs, as well as very favorable factory direct aluminium foil price in lahore ! Now, if you are interested in our aluminum foils, then just send an e-mail, or leave an online messages, to let us know your needs. We will quickly offer the best quotation for you ! Come on !

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