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Aluminium Foil Manufacturers near Me

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Aluminium Foil Manufacturers near Me

Aluminium foil manufacturers close to me supply multi-purpose foils with complete alloy grades, temper, thickness, specs, etc. Such as food container grade 3004 aluminum foil, 8021, 8011 and 8079-O aluminum foil for pharma packaging, etc. Here, Mingtai aluminium foil manufacturer near me has obtained quality management certifications such as Grade A water brush test, FDA, and kosher certification. So the quality and performance is extremely guaranteed ! What’s more, there also are very competitive factory direct selling prices.

aluminium foil manufacturers

3004 Aluminium Foil Manufacturers near Me

3004 aluminum foil is an upgraded product of aluminium foil manufacturers for food container grade foil. In fact, 3004 alloy is better than 3003, but more favorable than 3003. Therefore, 3004 alu foil is more suitable for one-cavity containers. Besides, this worth mentioning that 3003 foil works well in 3 or more cavities container.

aluminium foil manufacturers
In terms of alloy composition, 3004 foil adds Mg on the basis of 3003 alloy. So, food container 3004 aluminium foil shows higher tensile strength of 160-190Mpa, as well as excellent processability, formability, corrosion resistance, surface handling and so on.

8021 Aluminium Foil Manufacturers near Me

There also are aluminium foil manufacturers near me producing prime paharm packing foils. For example, the common are 8021, 8011, 8079 aluminum foil. And the temper covers O, H18, etc. Among them, 8021 foil is perfect material of cold formed blister packaging.

aluminium foil manufacturers

In fact, 8021 alloy is highly stretched, sealed, moisture-proof, light-shading and so on, So It’s widely used for high-end pharma packaging. Here, the mass fraction and mechanical characteristics are as follows.

Grade Fe Si Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Others Al Yield strength Elongation
8021 0.5-1 0.4-0.8 0-0.1 0-0.1 0.1 0.1 0.05 ≦0.05 Balance 85-105 MPa 13%

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