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6082 Automotive Aluminum Sheet

Loading Port: Tianjin/Qingdao, China
Sample: A4 Sized
Payment Terms: L/C,D/P,T/T
Delivery time: Within 15-30 Days
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6082 Automotive Aluminum Sheet

6082 automotive aluminum sheet is a perfect material for auto parts. In fact, 6082 aluminum sheet belongs to the 6000 series heat treated alloys. Therefore, 6082 aluminum alloy has high fatigue strength, mechanical properties, excellent machinability, formability, toughness, durability and other advantages. At present, 6082 alloy is mainly used in transportation such as automotive manufacturing, and structural engineering such as bridges, cranes, roof frames, transport ships and so on.
6082 automotive aluminum sheet

6082 Automotive Aluminum Sheet Price

In the market, 6082 automotive aluminum sheet with different sizes and temper, their prices are also different. Among them, product specifications are one of the main factors affecting the price of 6082 aluminum sheet. For example, different thickness, width and quantity is a key factor that causes its price to change.

Secondly, 6082 alloy aluminum plate prices are closely related to market price fluctuations of aluminum ingots. Aluminum ingot prices rise corresponding to the manufacturer’s offer will rise. Conversely, aluminum ingot decline, 6082 automotive aluminum sheet price will also decline.
6082 automotive aluminum sheet

In addition, different 6082 aluminum plate manufacturers input costs are different, the product quotation is not the same. here for you to introduce Mingtai Aluminum, manufacturers direct sales, price preferential.

6082 Automotive Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum was founded in 1997, is a large 6082 automotive aluminum sheet. Up to now, Mingtai Aluminum has 3 major production bases of 1.3 million square meters, and has offices in South Korea, Vietnam and other international markets. Here, the company can produce 0.12mm-500mm thick, width 500-2600mm all kinds of specifications of aluminum sheet, product distribution, global export, short delivery time, aluminum plate price is fair ! For the export products using fumigation free wooden pallet. Let we can rest assured procurement! So here, send us an email or leave a message to get the best price! Come on !

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