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6061 aluminum plate, 6063 aluminum plate application

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1. The aluminum alloy of the conductor is controlled by pure aluminum. A is added with a trace amount of boron to remove titanium, vanadium and zirconium, because these elements increase the electrical resistance. The most common conductor alloy (1350) can provide a minimum conductivity of 61.8% of the International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS) and a minimum tensile strength of 55-124 MPa, depending on the size.


2. Aluminum wire for high-voltage overhead transmission lines. Steel and core wires (ASCR) are used for high and medium voltage lines, and aluminum alloy wires are less used. Steel core aluminum wire is suitable for grounding wire. At the same weight, the resistance and price of the aluminum wire are about half that of the copper wire.


3. Confluence bus conductor. US commercial busbars use four kinds of busbar conductor materials, rectangular bars, solid round bars, pipes and structural profiles. In recent years, in order to improve the electrical conductivity and reduce the weight of materials, the amount of aluminum alloy tube busbars of various shapes and sections has been greatly increased. The aluminum alloy tube busbar is mainly used for power transmission of large-scale hydraulic and thermal power stations. The main alloys are pure aluminum, 6063 aluminum sheet and 6061 aluminum sheet. The outer diameter of the pipe is 15 (~500mm), generally using seamless aluminum. Tube. Solid aluminum cable for underground cable. The application of armored aluminum cable to industrial scale is after the introduction of solid low voltage insulated cable. The production cost of 0.6~1kv solid insulated aluminum cable is the only one that can be used with three-phase aluminum phase cable or The neutral line uses aluminum sheathed impregnated paper insulated cables to compete with the product.


4. Application of aluminum in communication cables. In addition to high and low voltage transmission cables, aluminum instead of copper as a communication cable is also increasingly increasing the use of aluminum in indoor wiring and accessories. Applications for aluminum in indoor wiring systems include insulated aluminum conductors, busbars, connectors, fittings, and switches. Aluminum wires have been commonly used as wiring for general circuit devices. Wires are usually made from 99.5% industrial pure aluminum, and other trace elements (mainly iron) can be added to increase the softness of the wire.


In addition, the open-circuit substation’s insulated switchgear is almost entirely made of extruded profiles, sheets and castings of aluminum. In high-power electrical equipment, as the electric power increases, it is required to quickly dissipate the heat generated on the components, thereby developing a high-performance aluminum fin with integral fins.

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