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3105 aluminum sheet coil in Turkey

Loading Port: Tianjin/Qingdao, China
Sample: A4 Sized
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3105 aluminum sheet coil

3105 aluminum sheet coil is AL-Mn metal sheet coil, which belongs to 3000 series aluminum alloy. It is 98% pure aluminum with the addition of specific alloys for strength improvement. This sheet coil can’t be hardened by heat treatment. It has excellent weldability, formability, and corrosion resistance.

Application: the typical final product of 3105 aluminum sheet coil are bottle cover, beverage bottle cap, cosmetic cover, etc. The market applications include room partition, baffle, movable room board, gutter and downpipe, sheet forming parts, bottle stopper, etc.

Property: 3105 aluminum sheet coil has good corrosion resistance, good plasticity and processability, and the performance of gas welding and arc welding is good. It has good anti-rust property, good conductivity, electrical conductivity can be up to 41%, it has high plasticity in the annealing state, in the semi-cold hardened, the plasticity is still better. The formability of 3105 aluminum sheet is amazing, no matter what type of temper, its forming characteristics are very good in all conventional processes. Its Tensile Strength: 110 – 145 MPa; Hardness Brinell: 45 HB; Thermal Conductivity: 160 W/m.K; Thermal Expansion: 23.1 ×10−6 /K; Modulus of Elasticity: 69.5 GPa.

Food Grade Aluminum Foil (2)

3105 aluminum sheet coil specification

Alloy grade: 3105
Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38.
Thickness: 0.1 – 500 mm;
Width: 200 – 2600 mm;
Length: Coil

3105 aluminum sheet coil manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is aluminum sheet coil manufacturer in China, Long-term supply 3105 aluminum sheet coil to Turkey, Europe and Middle East markets, annual output is 1 million tons. The product quality is reliable and the price is stable. We accept customized production, the minimum order quantity is 10 tons per specification. welcome customers to contact us! We will give customers the best price and product quality! Our email:;

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