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3004 H24 Aluminum Plate Advantages and USES

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3004 H24 Aluminum Plate3004

The 3004 H24 aluminum plate belongs to the 3000 series aluminum sheet, which is based on the ordinary aluminum with additional composition of Mn, so it has better tensile strength, yield strength and elongation than the ordinary aluminum.The tensile strength and yield strength of the 3004 H24 aluminum plate have been doubled compared with ordinary aluminum, and its anti-oxidation corrosion performance has been further enhanced. It is called rustproof aluminum in the metal industry, so the 3004 H24 aluminum plate has the characteristics of rustproof and high strength and is widely used.

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Usages of 3004 H24 Aluminum Plate

Including 3004 H24 aluminum plate aluminum alloy color coated aluminum plate surface after degreasing, cleaning, passivation layer processing, and then on this basis coating KANAR500 series fluorocarbon (PVDF) resin production of the most advanced level in the world, with weather resistance for more than 20 years of quality assurance.In the production of fluorocarbon coating, it needs to be baked at a temperature of more than 270 degrees, which can meet the maximum extent of batch and batch physical properties, color difference, etc. Color coated 3004 H24 aluminum plate because of the advantages of raw materials, its products have high strength, corrosion, high weather resistance and other characteristics, has been widely used in steel structure factory building, exhibition hall, sports venues, airports, railway stations and other roofing containment system, 3004 H24 aluminum plate after cutting, pressing, punching, bending, and other follow-up processing molding, used to span is larger, the whole roof, wall decoration building board with larger area.The plate shape can adapt to the varied and complex facade of modern architecture, such as single, hyperbolic, fan-shaped, spherical and other shapes, so as to realize the architect’s design concept and make the roof perfectly integrated into the whole building.

1060 aluminum foil

Advantages of 3004 H24 Aluminum Plate

Using 3004 H24 aluminum plate to process and shape the roof system has obvious advantages. The finishing is as follows:
1.Good weather resistance, long service life
2.High strength, light weight, self – bearing, reasonable mechanical performance
3.Roof drainage is superior, not affected by the slope
4.Construction performance is clear, according to functional requirements, reasonable combination
5.Its own effective lightning protection performance
6.Diverse plate shape, rich color, can adapt to different architectural shapes
7.Diverse selection, reasonable economy
8.Complete accessories, convenient installation, short construction cycle
9.Convenient maintenance, environmental protection, high recycling value

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