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1.5 mm Thick Aluminum Sheet

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1.5 mm Thick Aluminum Sheet

1.5 mm aluminium sheet covers en 5754 h22, 1050h14, 3005 aluminum and other grades. In fact, for 1.5 mm thick aluminum sheet is easy to bend, process and form, etc. In addition, different alloy grade aluminium 1.5 mm sheet also has multiple advantages. For example, 1.5 mm thick 5754 alu sheet is famous for high strength and toughness. And 1050 shows good anodizing quality, etc. Here, our Mingtai supplies complete grade alloys, and best factory 1.5 mm aluminium sheet prices !

1.5 mm aluminium sheet

1.5 mm Thick Aluminum Sheet with Various Grades

5754 Aluminium 1.5 mm Sheet

Grade Series: 5 series Al-Mg alloy
Temper: O, H14, H111, H114 (tread plate), H22, etc.
Features: 5754 grade 1.5 mm aluminium sheet works well in auto parts, vehicles, marine, weldments and various aspects. In fact, 5754 aluminum also belongs to heavily alloyed alloy. Therefore, It has high mechanical strength, outstanding machinability, weldability, corrosion resistance and so on.
Common Specs: 1.5 / 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 x 1500 x 3000mm, 1250 x 2500mm, 4×8, 5×10, etc.

1.5 mm aluminium sheet

1050 Aluminium 1.5 mm Sheet

Alloy Series: 1 series pure aluminum with 99.5% Al content.
Temper: O, H14, H24, etc.
Performance: 1050 is also popular grade of 1.5 mm aluminium sheet. In fact, 1050 aluminum is know for its beautiful anodic oxidation effect. Besides, It also remains features of pure aluminum. Such as soft texture, silver-white luster, etc. What’s more, 1050 alloy also has excellent ductility, processable,reflectivity, etc.
Specifications: also are customizable

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1.5 mm aluminium sheet

Get Best Priced 1.5 mm Thick Aluminum Sheet

Welcome to Mingtai 1.5 mm aluminium sheet manufacturer ! In fact, our Mingtai is a very professional manufacturer with more than 24 years experience. So there are abundant 1.5 mm aluminum sheets available in various alloy, temper, and customizable specs. What’s more, we also have factory direct selling prices 30% lower than our competitors ! Therefore, if you are interested in our aluminum sheet, then just contact us now ! Just send an e-mail to tell your needs ! Come on !


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