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0.5/0.7/1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0 mm Aluminium Sheet for Jewellery

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Aluminium Sheet for Jewellery

Aluminium sheet for jewellery is a very ideal material. You see, it can be easily cut, bent and shaped with the most basic tools. At present, as the prices of traditional materials such as gold and silver continue to rise on the market, the use of glittering aluminium to make jewellry or any handicraft has quickly become popular. Let’s look at another great advantage of our aluminium sheet for jewellery over all other materials, that is, the anodized aluminum plate that has been anodized can be colored. The coloring effect is very prominent, it can be a bright bright color, it can also be a subtle shadow, or a magical gradient color. Of course, the embossing process of aluminium sheet for jewellery is also worth mentioning. It can meet various requirements for DIY, and the decoration effect is very good. So, the aluminium sheet for jewellery is beautiful and practical. This versatile material can realize the possibilities of your imagination. For all kinds of jewellry and handicrafts, the aluminium sheet for jewellery can create amazing results!

Mingtai aluminum sheet

Anodised Aluminium Sheet for Jewellery Advantages

(1) Good Processability. Anodised aluminium sheet for jewellery has moderate hardness, so it can be easily bent and formed, and continuous high-speed stamping can be processed directly into necklaces, jewellry and other products. DIY is of course no problem. In addition, anodized aluminum plate eliminates the need for complicated surface treatment, which greatly shortens the production cycle of jewellry and reduces the production cost of jewellry.
(2) Good Weather Resistance. Anodised aluminium sheet for jewellery with a standard thickness oxide film (3μm) used indoors will not discolor for a long time, and will not rust, corrode and oxidize. For anodised aluminium sheet for jewellery with a thick oxide film (10μm) for outdoor use, it will not change color under long-term exposure to sunlight.
(3) Strong Metallic Feeling. The anodized aluminium sheet for jewellery has high surface hardness, can reach gem level, has good scratch resistance, and has a silver-colored metallic luster, highlighting the modern metallic feel and improving your temperament.
(4) Strong Antifouling. The jewellry created by aluminium sheet for jewellery does not leave fingerprints, and the stains are easy to clean, and it will stay shiny for a long time.

Mingtai aluminum sheet

Mingtai Anodised Aluminium Sheet for Jewellery Supply

After understanding the advantages of anodised aluminium sheet for jewellery, have you suddenly discovered that it is the perfect material you have been looking for to create unique jewellry? Here, Mingtai as the top ten aluminum sheet supplier of Chinese aluminum sheet / strip / foil, provides you with various grades and specifications of aluminum sheet of 0.5/ 0.7/ 1.0/ 1.2/ 1.5/ 2.0 mm aluminium sheet for jewellery, meeting your various needs. Action is better than heart! Please click on the customer service dialog box on the right for consultation! We have professional customer service staff to quickly provide you with the right solution. So as to make your jewellry design popular all over the world! hurry up!

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