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Introduction of Taihong Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Taihong Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. (stock code: 601677) in the Pearl River Delta. Its address is located at: No. 1, Hongyuan Street, Changlong Industrial Zone, Dongguan, China. Mingtai Aluminum is a very large joint-stock aluminum processing enterprise in China, it was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2011, Henan Mingsheng is also a subsidiary of Mingtai Aluminum. The production equipment of Taihong Aluminum includes: 3300mm wide hot continuous rolling production line, 6000T pre-stretching machine, quenching furnace, polishing machine, slitting machine, etc. This set of equipment can meet the production of aluminum plates for automobiles, ships, C80 coal vehicles and aluminum plates for tank cars, etc.

Taihong Aluminum Email address:; Welcome to contact Taihong Aluminum Co., Ltd. to order aluminum products!

Taihong Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Taihong Aluminum Co., Ltd. products

Taihong Aluminum products include: aluminum strip for N95 protective equipment, aluminum for protective equipment, carriage plate, aluminum plate for marine use, aluminum plate for automobile tank, hot-rolled thick plate, CTP plate base, PS plate base, food foil, medicinal aluminum foil , electronic foil, battery foil, container foil, aluminum honeycomb foil, deep-drawn aluminum plate, aluminum oxide (coil) plate, aluminum plate for chassis and cabinet, anti-rust aluminum plate, aluminum plate for reflective lampshade, aluminum composite plate for water tank radiator (foil, tape) , Aluminum easy-to-pull cover material, pull ring material, patterned aluminum plate, mirror aluminum plate, aluminum strip for 3C mobile phones, etc.

The products sell well in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, and are exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and other regions, and are widely used in printing, electrical appliances, cosmetic packaging, electronic manufacturing and other industries.

Product specifications are: 1-8 series of aluminum alloy sheet, strip, foil, roll, thickness: 0.009mm-600mm; width: 10–3100mm; plate length: 600-12000mm, and a single roll can reach 16 tons.

Strong production capacity guarantees stable delivery time, advanced production equipment guarantees excellent product quality, and preferential price reduces your cost to a lower level. Taihong Aluminum sincerely looks forward to cooperating with you!

1100 h14 aluminum (4)

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