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Food can lid material 3104 aluminum plate

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Canned food is a special form of food preservation method, usually made of metal sheets, glass, plastic, cardboard, or a combination of the above materials to make sealable containers, which can extend the shelf life of food and facilitate carrying, transportation, and storage. The metal can cover can be made of 3104-h19 aluminum plate, as well as 5182 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, etc., to meet the various performance requirements of food containers.
3104 aluminum plate for food cans belongs to deformed aluminum alloy, with high tensile strength and elongation, and good deep drawing performance. It is suitable for thinning, stretching, and lightweight to reduce material usage. The food can body and lid have strict requirements for materials and processes, and Mingtai Aluminum strictly controls each process to ensure that the product has appropriate strength and formability.

Aluminum sheet A6061T6 in Vietnam

3104 aluminum plate

mechanical property

Tensile strength/Mpa: 270-320
Yield strength/Mpa: 240-280
Elongation rate/%: ≥ 5

Size specifications

Thickness (mm): 0.208-0.360
Width (mm): 800-1730

What are the advantages of using 3104-h19 aluminum plate for food can lids?

1. Has good mechanical properties and good processability;
2. Good deep drawing performance, suitable for thinning, stretching, and lightweight to reduce material usage;
3. Has good corrosion resistance performance;
4. Good sealing performance, isolating the influence of external factors;
5. The material is non-toxic and will not cause harm to the human body.

Raw materials have a significant impact on the quality of food cans and the storage of food. Therefore, when purchasing raw materials, it is best to go to formal and large aluminum plate manufacturers. As a manufacturer with over 20 years of production experience, Mingtai Aluminum has trustworthy product quality.
Mingtai Aluminum started in 1997 and is a large modern aluminum plate manufacturer that integrates research and development, production, and sales. It is a listed company and its products cover 1-8 series aluminum plates with foil, with a wide range of applications. For many years, thanks to the trust of a large number of users, Mingtai products have a high market share and have been exported to multiple countries and regions, with good user feedback. In the future, Mingtai Aluminum Industry will strive to provide users with better products and services, and give back the support and trust of Mingtai to users with practical actions!


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