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Expanding new fields of aluminum coil application

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Aluminum coil manufacturers have overcapacity and oversupply, which greatly restricts the survival and development of aluminum processing enterprises. How to broaden the application of new fields of aluminum sheets has become an urgent and primary problem. How to expand the application of aluminum panels? Expanding the consumption of aluminum sheets is one of the effective ways to resolve overcapacity in the transportation sector, such as “aluminum-based steel”, construction industry “with aluminum wood”, and electric power, “aluminum copper”. It is understood that the current key areas for expanding aluminum sheet applications include: transportation, building structure, and power.


Transportation field

Scope: Expand the application of all-aluminum trailers, aluminum-plate open-top coal trucks, and high-precision aluminum sheets for cars.
The aluminum plate used in the transportation field can effectively reduce the self-weight, increase the payload, and prolong the service life, which is of great significance for energy saving and emission reduction, improving the economic efficiency of the transportation industry and road transportation efficiency.
Building structure
Scope: expansion of aluminum sheet building formwork, application of aluminum board envelope


(1) Application of expanding aluminum plate building formwork
At present, the application ratio of aluminum coil formwork in China is less than 1%. The large-scale construction enterprises have continuously improved the requirements for standardization, industrialization and factoryization of building construction, and the improvement of the quality requirements of the public, which has greatly promoted the application of aluminum formwork. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the real estate industry, the production scale of China’s building formwork industry has maintained a growth rate of around 10-15%.
At the same time as the domestic aluminum plate template usage continues to increase, domestic companies are also supplying aluminum plate formwork and formwork aluminum plates to Brazil, India, Venezuela and other countries as well as Hong Kong and Macao, which will also stimulate domestic aluminum consumption.
(2) Expand the application of aluminum plate retaining plates
In domestic civil buildings, large-scale infrastructure projects, especially those with large spans and complex shapes, such as aluminum slabs, have been widely used in roofs and walls of public buildings such as airport terminals, convention centers, stadiums, and so on. However, in industrial buildings, the metal structure of the steel structure system accounts for about 70% of the total construction, and the aluminum plate is used less.
With the increase in the demand for engineering construction in the overall, strategic, and public welfare areas such as agricultural infrastructure construction, affordable housing projects, and rural dilapidated housing renovation, the demand for aluminum sheet enclosures will increase significantly.


Power field

China’s copper resources are scarce and require a large amount of imports. Copper’s consumption in the power sector accounts for more than 40% of total consumption. Using aluminum resources that have formed a strong industrial base in China, replacing copper resources that are insufficiently guaranteed, can reduce the dependence of copper resources in China to a certain extent. Enhance resource support capabilities.
(1) Promotion of the application of aluminum coil cable
In the field of cables, copper cables are still the mainstay, and the proportion of aluminum cables is only about 2%.
Wire and cable products include power cables, electrical equipment cables, winding wires, communication cables, and bare wires. At present, aluminum and aluminum plates have been used all over the bare wires in China; the aluminum and aluminum plates for electrical equipment are rarely used; the development trend of communication cables is that optical fibers are used as transmission conductors; some small electronic transformers in the winding wires use aluminum plates as conductors. However, the promotion potential is not great. Therefore, the most popular potential for aluminum in wire and cable is medium and low voltage power cables.


(2) Promote the application of copper-aluminum composite conductor
The copper-clad aluminum composite conductor is composed of an aluminum core and a copper cladding layer, and uses the “skin effect” of the current to replace the copper in the middle portion of the conductor with aluminum. The effect of electrical conductivity is compensated by enlarging the cross-sectional area of the conductor to achieve the same electrical conductivity. Therefore, it has the advantages of excellent electrical conductivity of copper, good corrosion resistance, low cost and light weight of aluminum, and is a kind of high-performance composite conductor.


In addition, China has developed a series of steel (stainless steel) aluminum composite, titanium aluminum composite, aluminum-aluminum composite board, belt, foil, and row materials, which are used in electric power, electronics, communication, heat dissipation, construction and other industries.
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