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Europe 5052 aluminum plate for distribution box丨alloy composition

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The power distribution box is used in civil buildings, high-rise buildings, hospitals, entertainment and sports facilities, residential buildings and other modern building power distribution devices. The box body is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal plates to protect the internal devices. There are many kinds of materials for the casing of the distribution box, and the materials used are different according to the different functions of the products.

The box body of the distribution box is required to have a certain mechanical strength, the surrounding area is flat and free of damage, the stability is high, and it is not easy to rust and corrode. The Europe 5052 aluminum plate has excellent performance and can be used to manufacture distribution boxes, which is recognized by users.

5052 aluminum plate is Al-Mg alloy, the product has good corrosion resistance, welding performance, cold workability and medium strength. At the same time, Europe 5052 aluminum plate forming performance is similar to that of 6061 aluminum plate in the U.S, which is suitable for sheet metal processing such as stamping and bending. The product has good anodizing performance and can be oxidized and colored into various bright and bright colors.

5052 aluminum alloy composition:

Si: 0.25-0.5

Fe: 0.3-0.5

Cu: <0.2

Mn: 0.1-0.28

Mg: 2.85-3.1

Cr: <0.2

Zn: <0.2

Ti: 0.025-0.035

Mingtai Aluminum can supply 5052 aluminum sheet to Europe. Mingtai Aluminum’s 5052 aluminum plate has a thickness range of 0.2-8mm, and can customize 100-2500mm width rolls and plates according to customer requirements. After welding test, bending test, continuous bending test, machining test, oxidation test, All can achieve satisfactory results. Because of its high cost performance, it has been applied in batches in many industries, such as automotive exterior parts, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers, refrigeration devices, electrical enclosures, cabinets, etc.

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