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Different Aluminum Cleaning Solutions for Different Occasions

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Aluminum Cleaning Solution in Production

In order to avoid problems such as pores, slag inclusions, and incomplete fusion of the weld surface during the welding process of aluminum sheet, the cleaning solution for aluminum can form a surface oxide layer between the aluminum sheet to reduce the occurrence of the above problems, which is more conducive to welding and also improves the surface quality of the aluminum sheet. For the aluminum cleaning solution in the production process, we can first use a large amount of water on the surface of the aluminum sheet, then gently wipe the surface of the aluminum sheet with a detergent diluted with a soft cloth dampened with water, rinse off the detergent with water, if there is still some dirt, concentrate wash with detergent and wash it again and again.

aluminum cleaning solution

Aluminum Cleaning Solution in Practical Application

Doors and windows aluminum cleaning solution

Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be cleaned with water or neutral detergent with a soft cloth. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, or use strong acid and alkali cleaners such as decontamination powder and toilet cleaner. After the rainy day, we should dry the aluminum alloy doors and windows in time, pay special attention to dry the grooves. The friction of sliding grooves of aluminum alloy doors and windows will increase with the use of time. We can add a little oil or a layer of fire wax to make the push and pull flexible.

aluminum cleaning solution

Pattern aluminum cleaning solution

Aluminum tread plate is widely used in large-area public places, and because of its special pattern on the surface, it can not be cleaned with excessive strength and too small cleaning tools such as steel balls to avoid surface scratching and time consuming, power consumption. But we can use a lot of water to clean the surface of the aluminum tread plate, then use a large mop diluted with a neutral detergent to gently drag the surface onto the surface of the aluminum tread plate. Note that you should never use more than 40 degrees of hot water!

aluminum cleaning solution

Building curtain wall aluminum cleaning solution

The cleaning of the aluminum plate for building curtain wall should be cleaned from top to bottom and from outside to inside. It must be cleaned in the correct order. Similarly, the cleaning solution for aluminum siding requires a neutral detergent. We can perform a small part of the cleaning on the aluminum screen wall to see if chemical changes occur to determine the choice of cleaning agent. For large-area building curtain walls, flat-panel standard window cleaning machines can be used to improve cleaning efficiency.

aluminum cleaning solution

The above is Mingtai for us to introduce our common cleaning solution for aluminum. If you want to know how to clean sheet metal in other occasions, click the dialog box on the right and enter the message. We will respond to you quickly or update the website content in time, welcome to consult!

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