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1235 aluminum foil (4)

Aluminium Wine Closure Sheet Screw Caps In recent years , screw caps made by aluminium wine closure sheet have been recognized by industry experts, brewers, retailers and consumers on a global scale. Earlier, IPSOS, the world’s third largest market research company, surveyed 6,000 consumers’ preferences for wine and spirit stoppers. The survey results showed that […]

Medicine Aluminum Foil (7)

Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil has become a new type of pharmaceutical packaging widely used in the world because of itself stable performance, non-toxic, tasteless, high safety, strong shielding and other advantages.Here, Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale medicine aluminum foil manufacturer. In term of 8011, 8021 and 8079 aluminum foils used in […]

1060 aluminum sheet (1)

Ubiquitous Aluminium Bottle Closure Sheet In our life, aluminium bottle closure sheet is used for many purposes, such as 1070 aluminium sheet for cosmetic aluminum cap, 8011/1060 aluminium foil for injection vial seal cap, 3004 aluminum closure sheet for lamp cap, and other aluminium closure sheet alloy grades for aluminium tear off seal, aluminum flip-off vial […]

Mingtai aluminum sheet (6)

Painted Aluminum Sheet Painted aluminum sheet is an aluminum alloy plate with a coating and coloring treatment on the surface, which belongs to aluminum and aluminum alloy plate deep processing products. The painted aluminum sheet that has been painted on the surface has the characteristics of uniform color, smooth and bright, strong adhesion, strong and […]

aluminum coil (5)

Coated Aluminum Coil for Food Packaging In our lives, coated aluminum coil often appear in food packaging. Coated aluminum coil for food packaging are mainly used to manufacture food cans, including can lids, pull cans, food boxes, and packaging sealed bags. Among them, the common color coated aluminum coil for cans refers to coated aluminum […]


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