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how to deal with coronavirus (2)

Mingtai how to deal with coronavirus? In the face of the threatening coronavirus, Mingtai Aluminum industry as a contributor to the regional economy, social responsibility is particularly important at this moment, the full recovery of production and work is also unstoppable. During the outbreak,Mingtai how to deal with coronavirus? During the epidemic period, the company […]

3003 aluminum sheet (3)

Aluminum-plastic plate raw materials: Aluminum-plastic plate is a new decorative material, it is multi-layer material composite, the upper and lower layer is high purity aluminum alloy board, the middle is non-toxic low density polyethylene (PE) core board, aluminum-plastic plate with aluminum material common alloy has 1100 aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate, 5005 aluminum plate. Mingtai […]

3003 aluminum foil (3)

3003 aluminum foil application: 3003 aluminum foil is a large market demand aluminum foil model. It is mostly used in the O state, h18, and h24 states. It can be used as electronic foil, electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil in electronic and electrical products, and as food-grade aluminum foil. The lunch box container can also be […]

Aluminum Plate for Bus Skin According to the results of a German study, a city diesel bus that has stopped at several stations reduce weight by 100 kg, which can save 2550 liters of fuel throughout its operating cycle! This is enough to illustrate the importance of bus lightweight! In fact, the density of aluminum […]

Automobile Body Aluminum sheet_

Lightweight Aluminum Automotive Body Sheet Car is no longer a simple travel tool, but every car fans for light, speed, energy saving, fashion concept pursuit. Therefore, automotive lightweight has become the current development trend, and aluminum automotive body sheet selection, has become the key to achieve automotive lightweight! As we all know, the body of […]


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