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Aluminum plate manufacturer introduces shipping and storage of aluminum plate

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China’s reform and opening up has become more and more in-depth, and its links with the world economy have become more and more close. The domestic aluminum plate manufacturer has also discovered a broader international market and has taken advantage of its own advantages to sell China aluminum plate to all parts of the world. The export of aluminum plates is basically by sea, and the special environment of shipping has damaged the goods of many aluminum plate manufacturers. Today, Mingtai will talk to you about the problems that should be paid attention to when shipping and storing aluminum plates.

Aluminum plate manufacturer

Notes for Shipping of Aluminum Plate

1, the size of the aluminum plate packaging. Aluminum plate shipping is basically using containers, and the current standard container size is fixed. In order to facilitate the packing, the aluminum plate manufacturer must first pay attention to the size of the package. The right size is not only suitable for packing, but also makes efficient use of the container volume and saves shipping costs. In addition, if the destination is an underdeveloped area such as Africa, the weight of a single piece of aluminum plate should not exceed 300 kg, because the local port does not have large loading and unloading equipment, mainly by manual handling, too heavy packaging will increase the difficulty of unloading.

2, Aluminum plate manufacturer don’t ignore the sealing of marine packaging. Although it is transported by container, the container is generally not sealed. It is very common for containers to enter the water when it encounters rain or heavy winds. The aluminum plate is not tightly sealed, and once it enters the water, oxidation and corrosion are difficult to avoid. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate manufacturer can’t be stingy, and should use more sealing material to protect the aluminum plate.

3, In the short-distance transportation of aluminum plates in China, It does not need to be fixed specifically for the aluminum plate. The shipping period is long. After the strong winds and waves, the bumps of the ship cause the aluminum plates to collide with each other in the container. Without additional reinforcement, the collision will not only seriously damage the packaging of aluminum plate, and will also cause serious damage to the aluminum plate itself, and the aluminum plate manufacturer must pay attention to it.

Aluminum plate manufacturer

Notes for Storage of Aluminum Plate

1. The aluminum plate should be stored in an indoor environment with constant temperature and suitable dry humidity to ensure that the aluminum plate will not oxidize and discolor due to water. Many users have very high requirements on the brightness of the surface of the aluminum plate. If the surface of the aluminum plate is oxidized, the original gloss will be lost. Therefore, the aluminum plate manufacturer must pay attention to the safety of the aluminum plate.

2.The placement of aluminum plates often overlooked by everyone. In fact, this is also very important. In particular, some users do not need wooden pallets to place aluminum panels directly on the floor. As everyone knows, the humidity near the ground is larger than that of the space above. The direct consequence of placing them on the floor is that the bottom aluminum plate will be oxidized by moisture, and It is prone to bruises and scratches. The aluminum plates are separated by wooden trays, which is more conducive to ventilation, so that the aluminum plates are not easily damp. All the aluminum plates of Mingtai Aluminum plate manufacturer are packaged on high-quality wooden pallets. The humidity of the wooden pallets is strictly tested to ensure the safety of the aluminum panels and to store and use them.


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