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Aluminum Foil 5052 H18 0.2mm

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Aluminum Foil 5052 H18 0.2mm Thick Alloy:

Aluminum foil 5052 H18 0.2mm is common used for food container material. As for 5052 aluminum foil, is 5 series container foil representative. 5052 container foil has higher tensile strength than Grade 3003 foil, and the overall performance is between 3003 and 8011. so 0.2mm thick 5052 aluminum foil is a cost-effective lunch box material.
For the 5052 H18 Meaning: It refers to Al-Mg series 5052 aluminum foil with H18 temper. In H18 temper, 5052 aluminum foil, without additional heat treatment, has obtained the strength of 8 grade only after being processed and hardened. So, aluminum foil 5052 H18 0.2mm is formed.
Distinctive Features: 5052 aluminium foil with 0.2mm thickness has better processability, higher strength, outstanding surface treatment effect, excellent corrosion resistance,etc.
5052 aluminum foil

Aluminum Foil 5052 H18 0.2mm for Food Container:

Aluminum Foil 5052 H18 0.2mm for Food Container

For food container: Aluminium foil is a perfect raw material for food container, such as aluminum foil 5052 H18 0.2mm for lunch book, with its properties of safety, environmental protection, asepsis, better tightness, strong shading, etc
Common Thickness: 0.03mm-0.20mm
Mechanical Properties

Alloy Denisty Tensile Strength Conditioned Yield Strength
Grades 5052 2.68g/cm3  173~244 {σb(MPa)} ≥70 {σ0.2(MPa)}

0.02mm 5052 H18 Aluminium Foil for Honeycomb Core

For honeycomb core: Besides, 5052 h18 aluminium foil with 0.02mm thickness, is also suitable for honeycomb core manufacture. We know, Honeycomb composite panels are construction consumables, and honeycomb core is used as the sandwich, so 3003-h18, 5052-h18 aluminum foil is commonly used.
Common Thickness: 0.02-0.06mm
Alloy Composition

Elements Mg Fe Si Cr  Cu Mn Zn Others Al
Content 2.2-2.8 0.4 0.25 0.15-0.35 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.15 Remain

5052 aluminum foil

Aluminum Foil 5052 H18 0.2mm Supplied by Mingtai Al.:

Aluminum foil 5052 H18 0.2mm is here available in various width and length. And we also can customize the specification according user’s demands. Here, Mingtai Aluminum as a large china aluminum foil manufacturer, the 0.2mm 5052 H18 aluminum foil produced are:

kosher certified.
Never pinhole/ hole, higher air tightness.
Clean surface, never oil, scratch, black silk, etc.
Plate flat, never curling, burr, cross – layer problems.
Stable and superior performance.
Transparent and reasonable price.
5052 aluminum foil

Aluminum Foil 5052 H18 0.2mm Technical Parameters:

Typical alloy 5052 Aluminum Foil
Material temper H18 ( H12, H14, H1*, H22, H2*, H32, H3*, H11*)
Thickness 0.2 mm (0.006 – 0.2 mm)
Width 100-1650 mm
Length Customize
Typical usages Food container, Lunch box, honeycomb core, etc.

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