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Aluminium sheets to produce Trucks front bumpers

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The front bumper of the truck is located inside the car door, and under the influence of large impact forces, elastic materials can no longer buffer energy. It truly plays a role in protecting the passengers inside the car. It is part of the passive safety system of the vehicle body, and the bumper is not actually to prevent the car from colliding. Its main function is to transmit force. Simply put, the function of anti-collision beams is to reduce maintenance costs in low-speed collisions and improve protection in high-speed collisions, especially in complex and realistic environments.

6061 aluminum sheets

Alloy 6061 aluminum sheets
Temper O, T4, T6, T651
Thickness(mm) 0.3-600
Width(mm) 500-2600
Length(mm) 500-16000
Application Mobile phones, camera lenses, industrial molds, containers, etc

Aluminium sheets to produce Trucks front bumpers

Aluminium sheets to produce Trucks front bumpers

In truck manufacturing, gradually increasing the application proportion of aluminum alloy materials is an inevitable trend for lightweighting. Developing aluminum alloy bumpers is one of the main ways to achieve lightweighting. After design verification, aluminum alloy bumpers will inevitably replace steel anti-collision beams.
1) According to the simulation analysis results, the energy absorption of the aluminum alloy bumper in a frontal collision is better than that of the steel anti-collision beam, meeting the design and usage requirements.
2) Aluminum alloy has the advantage of lower density compared to steel materials. Replacing traditional steel structures with aluminum alloy structures can reduce the weight of the front bumper by 30% to 50%, and the lightweight effect is significant.
3) By comparing the application of aluminum alloy front bumpers, it can be found that using aluminum alloy bumpers is the future trend of lightweight trucks.
4) The comparative analysis of the bumper’s energy absorption shows that the aluminum alloy anti-collision beam has a significantly better energy absorption ability than the steel anti-collision beam, which helps to improve the overall safety of the vehicle.

6061 Aluminium sheets manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum Industry is a large aluminum plate manufacturer that can undertake orders of 8-5000 tons of 6061 aluminum sheets. It can be customized according to needs and delivered in 7-35 days. The product quality is stable, exported globally, and the price is affordable. You can purchase with confidence!

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