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Aluminium Foil Dubai Alloy 8011 3003-H24

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Aluminium Foil Dubai

Aluminium foil dubai covers 1-8 series alloy foils for food container, pharma packaging, household baking, industrial use and so on. Such the common 8011, 3003-H24, 3004, 8021, 1235 aluminum foils, etc. As we know, aluminum foil has soft texture, light, toughness, strong airtight, insulation, safety and environmental protection, etc. In addition, Mingtai is one of large aluminium foil manufacturers in dubai market. So there are complete alloy foils with superior mechanical properties, prime quality, as well as preferential prices!

aluminium foil dubai

8011 Aluminium Foil Dubai

Overview: Aluminium foil dubai 8011 alloy is versatile material in food and pharma packaging. For example, the common are 8011-O, 8011-H22, and 8011-H24 aluminum foil. In fact, due to its more alloyed composition, 8011 foil has adequate strength, excellent deep drawing, machinability, formability, tear resistance , etc. Here, our Mingtai 8011 aluminium foil in Dubai also has level-A wettability, zero pinhole, no oil, no scratches, clean, smooth and various quality certifications.
Typical Application: Semi-rigid food container, Household use, various food Packaging, PTP blister pharma packaging, lidding material, etc. And the common thickness is 0.02mm-0.2mm.
Mechanical Properties:

Alloy Grade Temper Tensile Elongation
8011 H24 124 Mpa 13%

aluminium foil dubai

3003 H24 Aluminium Foil Dubai

Overview: H24 tempered 3003 aluminium foil dubai is perfect 3 or more cavity foods container raw material. In fact, 3003 alu foil is typical Al-Mn alloy. So It has better formability, plasticity, ductility, corrosion resistance, as well as higher tensile strength and elongation, etc. In addition to 3003, Mingtai also optimizes 3004 aluminium foil for container. And 3004 alloy has higher strength and elongation, but more economic than 3003. So it’s very suitable for single-cavity container.
Typical Application: Three/ more cavity foods container, Complex structure container, Buildings honeycomb core, Electronic alu foil, etc.
Mechanical Properties:

Alloy Grade Temper Tensile Elongation
3003 H24 120-170Mpa 14%

aluminium foil dubai

Aluminium Foil Manufacturers in Dubai

Here, Mingtai is not only one of a professional aluminium foil manufacturers in dubai, but also a large supplier. So there is complete aluminium foil dubai available in various temper, thickness, and customizable specs. What’s more, we have obtained FDA food quality certification, kosher certification and so on. In addition, due to factory directly selling, so our prices of aluminum foil in dubai are favorable and wise. To let global online purchasers buy at ease! So here, if you are interested in our products, then don’t hesitated to contact us now ! Come on !


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