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Aluminium Checker Plate Perth

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The price of aluminium checker plate perth covers 5005, 5052, 3003 and other alloy 5 bar tread diamond plate price. Our Mingtai is one of aluminium checker plate suppliers perth wa. So there are complete checker sheets available in various grade, temper, surface patterns, and customizable sizes. What’s more, as we also are a large manufacturer, we can offer the best factory direct aluminium-checker-plate-sheet-price-perth. Let’s take a look !
aluminium checker plate perth

Aluminium-Checker-Plate-Sheet-Price Perth

3003 Aluminium Checker Plate Sheet Price Perth

Overview: 3003 grade aluminium checker plate perth has good price. In fact, 3003 tread plate is typical Al-Mn alloy. Due to the addition of the major alloy Mn, it strengthens the strength between the welds of the 3003 plate. In addition, 3003 checker plate sheet also has excellent corrosion resistance, machinability, formability, durability and so on.
Surface Patterns: such as big/ small 5 bar, diamond, 2 bars, 3 bars, etc.
Typical Application: such as Tool box, Truck bed, Floor, Stair, Skirting line, various Building decoration, etc.
Composition Mass Fraction (%): Mn: 1-1.5; Fe: 0.7; Si: 0.6; Cu: 0.05-0.2; Zn: 0.1; Others: 0.2; Al: Remain

aluminium checker plate perth

5052 Aluminium Checker Plate Sheet Price Perth

Overview: The price of 5052 aluminium checker plate perth is just slight higher than 3003 tread plate. As we know, 5052 chequered plate has higher mechanical properties than 3003. For example, its tensile strength is 214-262MPa. And the min yield strength is 159MPa. In addition to stronger fatigue strength, 5052 aluminum checker plate also is famous for amazing corrosion resistance.
Surface Patterns: Customizable
Typical Application: in places requiring high strength and strong corrosion resistance or extremely humid
Composition Mass Fraction (%): Mg: 2.2-2.8; Cr: 0.15-0.35; Fe: 0.4; Si: 0.25; Cu: 0.1; Mn: 0.1; Zn: 0.1; Others: 0.15; Al: Remain

aluminium checker plate perth

Aluminium Chequered Plate Manufacturer Perth WA

Welcome to Mingtai aluminium checker plate perth manufacturer ! Here, Mingtai is not only one of large aluminium checker plate suppliers perth wa , but also a professional manufacturer. So far, aluminum checker plates with “Mingtai” logo has been favored by the western Australian market. And Mingtai aluminium has a market share of more than 40% in Australia. So, you can find superior quality and best factory priced alu checker plate from our Mingtai. Now, don’t hesitated to contact us to get best price ! Come on !


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