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6mm Aluminium Plate for Sale

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6mm Aluminium Plate

6mm aluminium plate is also one of practical products in our aluminum sheet for sale. Such as 6mm 5083 aluminum sheet for marine application, and 6mm 5454 sheet for tank truck, as well as 6061 grade 6mm aluminium plate for molds, etc. Although it belongs to medium thick plate, it doesn’t affect the excellent bending and deep drawing property, plasticity, machinability, formability and corrosion resistance of 6mm aluminium plate. Of course, this is also because it has abundant 1-8 series alloy grades that can be freely matched. Now, Let’s find out !

6mm aluminium plate

6mm Aluminium Plate for Sale

6mm Aluminium Plate 5454 Grade

The Component Ratio of 6mm 5454 Aluminium Plate

Elements Mg Mn Si Zn Ti Cr Fe Cu Others Al
Content 2.4~3.0 0.50~1.0 ≤0.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.2 0.05~0.2 0~0.4 ≤0.10 0.05 Remain

Alloy Series: 5 Series Al-Mg Alloy
Common Temper: 5454-H32, 5454-O, 5454-H111
Features: 5454 aluminum has little higher strength than 5052 alu alloy. It also shows good machinability, formability, corrosion resistance, weldability, etc.
Typical Applications: 6mm 5454 aluminium plate is widely used for tank truck, and pressure vessels, delivery van body, trailers, etc. Moat notably, 6mm aluminium plate 5454 grade is good at storing hot liquids, rather than 5083 alloy. Besides, 5454 grade alloy also used for welding parts, mechanical components, structure, etc.

6mm aluminium plate

6mm Aluminium Plate 5083 Grade

The Component Ratio of 6mm 5083 Aluminium Plate

Elements Mg Mn Fe Si Zn Ti Cu Cr Each Total
Content 4.0-4.9 0.4-1.0 0.4 ≤0.4 0.25 ≤0.15 ≤0.1 0.05-0.25 0.05 0.15

Alloy Series: 5 Series Al-Mg Alloy
Common Temper: O, H116, H321, H112
Features: High strength, Outstanding corrosion and weather resistance, No low temperature brittleness, Good cold workability and weldability, etc
Typical Applications: 5083 aluminum is typical anti-rust alloy for marine application. 5083 Grade 6mm marine grade aluminium is widely used for deck, boat’s two sides/ roof, driving seat and other structures. In addition, It’s also a perfect material of pressure vessels, bus skin, LNG storage tank, flange, GIS high voltage switch shell, etc.

6mm aluminium plate

6mm Aluminium Plate 6061 Grade

The Component Ratio of 6mm 6061 Aluminium Plate

Elements Mg Si Fe Cu Mn Cr Ti Zn Others Al
Content 0.8-1.2 0.40-0.8 0.70 0.15-0.40 0.15 0.04-0.35 0.15 0.25 0.05 Remain

Alloy Series: 6 Series Al-Mg-Si Alloy
Features: Be famous for excellent weldability. It belongs to heat treatment alloy, and exhibits high hardness, strong toughness, good anodic oxidation and other surface treatment effect.
Common Temper: T6, T651, T4, O, H112
Typical Applications: 6mm aluminium plate 6061 grade is very popular. 6mm 6061 aluminum plate is perfect material of molds, weld parts, auto wheels, precision machine, tread plates, 3C products, aluminum furniture, etc

6mm aluminium plate

Mingtai 6mm Aluminium Plate Manufacturer with Preferential Price

Welcome to Mingtai Aluminum Co.,ltd ! Mingtai is a large aluminum sheet manufacture and supplier in China. There are abundant 6mm aluminium plates available in alloy grades, temper, specifications, types, surface patterns for your choice. We can also customize for your demands. Not only that, our price of 6mm aluminium plate is very preferential ! So, If you are looking for 6mm aluminium sheet plate, then don’t hesitate to contact us now ! Just send an e-mail, or leave a message ! Come on !

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