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6061-t6 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate and Manufacturer

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6061-t6 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate

6061-t6 aluminum diamond tread plate uses 6061 t6 aluminum as the base material, that is, after solution heat treatment, the 6061 aluminium plate doesn’t undergo cold processing to obtain the stable performance in the t6 temper state. Then, 6061 t6 aluminum, which has better processability and stability, is surface treated, so that the surface is roller printed with staggered pattern one after another, which forms 6061-t6 aluminum diamond tread plate with more three-dimensional pattern, better slip resistance, and better weldability, etc. Beside, 6061-t6 aluminum diamond plate also exhibits higher strength, excellent durability, etc., so it is widely used in occasion that require high load-bearing performance, such as cold storage/vehicle/boat/dock flooring, stair treads, and loading ramps, elevator floors, freezers floors, etc.
6061 Aluminum Tread Plate

Highly Popular Mingtai 6061-t6 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate

Here, the 6061 aluminum tread plate produced by China Mingtai Aluminum, including the best-selling 6061-t6 aluminum diamond tread plate, has flatter pattern, more precise thickness, more three-dimensional pattern, cleaner surface, and no mechanical/artificial scratches, no oil stains, no black spots/burrs and other issues, the quality is guaranteed, and the performance is more stable. It is favored by North America, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other markets, enjoys a very high reputation !
Among them, Mexican clients from North America ordered 161 tons of 6061-t651 and 6061-t6 aluminum diamond tread plates from us, as well as more grades and specifications.
In addition, clients from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in the Southeast Asian market have purchased 6061-t6 aluminum diamond plate from us. Common specifications are 4’x 8′, etc., and the thickness include 1/2/3/4/5/ 6 mm, etc.
6061 Aluminum Tread Plate

6061-t6 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate and Manufacturer

In fact, Mingtai Aluminum is one of large-scale china aluminum diamond tread plate manufacturers with 1.3 million square meters of three major production bases, and has superb technology and rich production experience. Here, in addition to the high-quality 6061-t6 aluminum diamond tread plate, there are also 6061 aluminum diamond plates with various patterns such as two, three, and five bar, as well as 1ft x 1ft, 1ft x 2ft, 1ft x 4ft, 2ft x 2ft, 2ft x 4ft, 4ft x 4ft, 4ft x 8ft, 4ft x 10ft, 5ft x 8ft, 5ft x 10ft, 5ft x 12ft, etc. Various width and length dimensions, and 1/4 in, 3/16 in, 1/8 in, etc., variety of commonly used thickness specifications. Beside, we can customize according to your requirements, to best meet your needs ! So, if you are interested in our products, then don’t hesitate to contact us ! Just click customer service on the right, or send an email to us, and we will quickly provide you with a satisfactory quotation ! Come on !

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