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25 Micron Aluminium Foil

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25 Micron Aluminium Foil

25 micron aluminium foil belongs common aluminum foil microns series. And the typical grades are alloy 8011-O, 8021, 8079, 1235, etc. These 25 micron aluminum foils are versatile material in pharmaceutical packaging, foods, household and other fields. Here, Mingtai is one of large aluminum foil manufactures. And we produce prime aluminium foils with wide range microns, grades, temper, specs, etc. What’s more, Mingtai 25 mic alu foil prices are factory direct selling prices. It’s very preferential !

25 micron aluminium foil

25 Micron Aluminium Foil with Multiple Applications

18/20/25 micron aluminium foil is widely used for pharmaceutical use, like blister packaging. And the typical alloy is 8011 aluminum foil. 25 micron 8011 alloy foil has certain strength, higher mechanical parameters, as well as processability, formability, surface treatment and so on. Here, our aluminum foil wettability up to level A, and provided the original factory warranty ! Therefore let us rest assured to purchase !

Another common application is for household foils. For example, the common covers 14-25 micron aluminium foil. And the alloy are 8011, 8021, 1235, etc. Here, there are household aluminum foils available in 100-1650mm jumbo rolls. Of course, we can produce a variety of temper, roll weight and so on according to your customized requirements !

25 micron aluminium foil

Technical Parameters of 25 Micron Aluminium Foil

Alloy Series Typical Grades Material Temper Thickness Width length
8 Series 8011, 8021, 8079, 8006 O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, etc. 25micron (0.025mm) 100-1650mm C
3 Series 3003, 3004
1 Series 1235, 1100, 1060

25 micron aluminium foil

Mingtai 25 Micron Aluminium Foil Manufacturer

Welcome to Mingtai 25 micron aluminium foil manufacturer ! So far, Mingtai committed to aluminum foil production for more than 24 years. So there are mature technology, intelligent equipment, as well as superior quality ! At the same time, the annual output of Mingtai aluminum foil can reach 10 million tons, and the delivery time is fast. Therefore, if you are looking for aluminum foil roll coils, then contact us to get very preferential factory price ! Come on !


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