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3003 aluminum sheet (2)

3 series alloy China 3003 aluminum plate The main alloy element of the 3 series aluminum plate is manganese, collectively called aluminum magnesium manganese plate. Representative alloys 3003 aluminum alloy, 3004, 3005, 3104, 3105, 3A21. Due to the presence of manganese, this series of aluminum alloys have excellent rust resistance, and are often used as […]

1060 aluminum sheet (2)

China 1060 aluminum sheet China 1060 aluminum sheet is a common pure aluminum sheet, which can be made into a variety of products using 1060 aluminum sheet post-processing. Choosing the appropriate China 1060 aluminum sheet depends on the application of aluminum sheet products. 1060 aluminum sheet has different tempers. Common tempers are O, H12, H14, […]


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