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5052 aluminum sheet (3)

5052 aluminum sheet factory 5052 alloy element The main alloy element of 5052 aluminum sheet factory 5052 is magnesium, and then a small amount of metal alloy is added. These are also the influencing factors of aluminum 5052 material properties, so that it has forming processing performance, corrosion resistance and weldability. Used in fuel tanks, […]

5052 aluminum sheet (6)

China 5052 aluminum plate al 5052 h34 The alloy composition of China 5052 aluminum plate with different tempers is the same. The first digit after HXX temper Q represents the basic processing procedure for obtaining the temper. H3 refers to the temper of work hardening and stabilization. It is suitable for products whose mechanical properties […]

6061 aluminum sheet (2)

Aluminium Sheet for Bike Aluminum itself has the advantages of light weight, good plasticity, and corrosion resistance. In addition, the addition of other alloy components such as Mg, Zn, Si, Cu can significantly improve the mechanical properties of aluminum sheets. Therefore, most of the aluminium sheet for bike are 6000 series (A1-Mg-Si) and 7000 series […]


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