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Mingtai aluminum sheet (4)

Quality 4×8 Aluminum Plate How to Find 1.Firstly, we need to determine the usage, quantity and purchase location of the aluminum plate according need. If the amount is large, find the manufacturer, and the price and quality will be relatively good. If the amount is small, find the dealer, generally, the dealer has inventory, meanwhile, […]

1100 h14 aluminum (3)

1100 h14 Aluminum Properties 1100 h14 aluminum is very popular product in 1 series pure aluminum alloy. As well all know, 1100 aluminum sheet /coil belongs to typical industrial aluminum with not less than 99.00% Al content. And for its h14 temper, that is the corresponding strength obtained in its state. In other words, 1100 […]

6061 Aluminum Tread Plate (2)

6061-t6 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate 6061-t6 aluminum diamond tread plate uses 6061 t6 aluminum as the base material, that is, after solution heat treatment, the 6061 aluminium plate doesn’t undergo cold processing to obtain the stable performance in the t6 temper state. Then, 6061 t6 aluminum, which has better processability and stability, is surface treated, […]

Stamped aluminum sheet (1)

Product introduction of stamped aluminum sheet Stamped aluminum sheet products can be used in many fields. Such as automobile manufacturing, storage devices, tableware, electrical appliances, lighting components, etc. The main products are 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 8 series aluminum plate and foil products. Series 1 stamped aluminum sheet products include 1050 aluminum sheet, […]

Railway soundproof aluminum plate (4)

Railway soundproof aluminum plate Railway soundproof aluminum plate is to reduce the noise on the road and railway, in order to create a quiet ride environment for you. There are some reasons for using aluminum material. What is railway soundproof aluminum plate? Soundproof aluminum plate is also called railway soundproof aluminum plate, highway soundproof aluminum […]

marine grade aluminum sheet (2)

Marine grade aluminum sheets for sale were not common in the early days Earlier, shipbuilding mainly used steel structures with obvious advantages, but the disadvantages were also obvious. There are problems of rusting and high maintenance cost during long term use. Therefore, it is of long-term significance to find a new material with similar strength […]

6063 aluminum (4)

6063 Aluminum Sheet for Sale 6063 aluminum sheet for sale is one of the best-selling products of Mingtai Aluminum. The 6063 aluminum plate is Al-Mg-Si high-plastic alloy. 6063 aluminum properties include superior processing properties, excellent weldability, extrudability and plating performance, 6063 aluminum is also very resistant to corrosion and toughness. It is easy to polish, […]

Mingtai aluminum sheet (7)

2a11 Aluminum Plate Properties 2a11 aluminum plate belongs to Al-Cu-Mg aluminum alloy. The composition of 2a11 material is reasonable and the comprehensive performance is good. This alloy is produced in many countries and is the largest used in hard aluminum. 2a11 aluminum plate properties include high strength and heat resistance and can be used as […]

aluminum coil (6)

MIing Aluminum Coil Suppliers Aluminum coil refers to an aluminum alloy plate, an aluminum strip roll, and an aluminum foil supplied in a roll. It is calendered by a casting mill, and after being bent and angled, it is used for the metal product of the flying shear process. That is to say, the aluminum […]

5083 aluminum plate (2)

When it comes to marine aluminum panels, the most familiar ones are the 5083 aluminum panels. The development of marine aluminum plate products is an emerging field. At present, the production capacity of ship plates has become an important indicator for measuring the comprehensive industry of aluminum plate manufacturers. So why are shipbuilders so keen […]


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