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aluminium foil container (2)

In recent years, with the development of new formats such as e-commerce, express delivery, and take-out, the consumption of plastic lunch boxes and plastic packaging has risen rapidly, causing new resource and environmental pressures. Plastic waste is discarded at will, causing “white pollution”. There is a serious environmental risk of non-standard treatment of plastic waste. […]

Coated aluminum coil (6)

1.Coated aluminum coil is very practical, we know that it has many performance characteristics as a packaging material, and it is also the most commonly used material at present; 2. The demand for Coated aluminum coil is huge. From the perspective of annual sales, the sales volume of coated aluminum sheets is very large, and […]

3003 aluminum plate (2)

In the mold manufacturing industry, aluminum sheets have become the main materials by virtue of their many advantages as traditional metal substitutes. Today, Mingtai is popularized for everyone. What are the many advantages of aluminum sheets in the mold manufacturing industry: 1, light weight The impression that the aluminum plate gives people is light weight. […]

Aluminum skin (4)

Insulation aluminum plate, aluminum skin and aluminum coil have always been the hot products of 1060 aluminum plate. What are the main advantages of thermal insulation aluminum plate? Baodi Xiaobian introduces you to: 1. Insulation aluminum plate is corrosion resistant The thermal insulation aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance. Compared with the iron skin, the […]

1100 aluminum plate (2)

The aluminum plate refers to an aluminum plate material obtained by press working (shearing or sawing) with pure aluminum or alloy aluminum to obtain a rectangular cross section and a uniform thickness. The aluminum plate is a rolled product with a rectangular cross section and a uniform thickness and greater than 0.2 mm. The edges […]


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