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3003 Aluminum Tread Plate

Aluminum Tread Plate common alloy grade Aluminum Tread Plate, also known as embossed aluminum sheet, is an aluminum alloy sheet on which the surface of the aluminum sheet is pressed to form a raised or recessed pattern. According to the alloy series, it can be divided into 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, […]

Marine Grade Aluminum (2)

China began to build small aluminum alloy hydrofoil boats and speedboats in 1958. The first speedboat named “Changjiang Hydrofoil Passenger Boat” No. 1 is an all-aluminum alloy. The so-called all-aluminum boat refers to the technology at that time. Under the conditions, all spare parts made of aluminum alloy have been manufactured with aluminum alloy whose […]

3003 aluminum sheet (3)

3003 aluminum coil plate is commonly used in the manufacture of new energy vehicle power battery casings. The development of new energy vehicles is very rapid. At present, China has surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest new energy vehicle market. This is due to the policy promotion of the central and local […]

Marine Grade Aluminum (8)

Aluminum alloy can be divided into two major categories of deformation and casting. The former is used for plastic deformation processing of various semi-finished products – plates, strips, foils, tubes, rods, profiles, wires, forgings, and the latter is used for casting various die castings. Casting products, deformed aluminum alloys are more widely used in shipbuilding. […]

3003 aluminum coil

3003 aluminum coil aluminum plate technical specifications 3003 aluminum coil aluminum plate is a commonly used product of aluminum manganese alloy series. Thanks to the manganese alloy element, this product has excellent rust-proof properties and is also known as rust-proof aluminum. 3003 aluminum plates are commonly used in ships, ships, vehicle materials, automotive and aircraft […]


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