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Automotive aluminum plate (6)

Aluminum sheets for automobiles are a major direction for aluminum sheet consumption. There are many components in the car. The aluminum plates are different in type, mainly based on 5 series and 6 series aluminum plates. The most common is to use the 5182 aluminum plate to manufacture the car door, hood and front and […]

Alumina sheet (1)

Die cast aluminum sheets have advantages over other aluminum plates, such as aesthetics, light weight, and corrosion resistance, which make them popular among the masses. Especially since the lightweight of automobiles, die-cast aluminum sheets have been widely used in the automotive industry. In particular, the surface of the die-cast aluminum plate is more beautiful after […]

Aluminum alloy fence (3)

The aluminum alloy guardrails have risen rapidly in recent years. The traditional guardrails are made up of cast iron railings, which are not only cumbersome but also costly. Recently, a better aluminum alloy guardrail has replaced him as the protagonist of the guardrail industry. Today, Mingtai aluminum plate suppliers tell you what to pay attention […]

Anodized aluminum plate (2)

1. Current density: Within a certain limit, the current density increases, the film growth rate increases, the oxidation time is shortened, the pores of the film are formed, the color is easy to be colored, and the hardness and wear resistance are increased; the current density is too high, The influence of Joule heat causes […]

Mingtai aluminum sheet (2)

The six-layer aluminum plate is an aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy, and its representative grades are 6061 aluminum plate, 6063 aluminum plate and 6082 aluminum plate. Different from the other seven aluminum plates, the state of the 6-series aluminum plate is dominated by the T state, and the most is the T5 and T6 states. There is only […]


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